Garden volunteers meet in person every Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm to tend the garden. 

Planning meeting notes are here. You can also see our working ground plan and notes here.

Support from the community has made this garden possible: UUJXN's current home on West Street was a gift, and the small congregation seeks to be a good steward and share this generosity.

With support from MRC, UUJXN has received a $4,000 Cloud Mountain Grant from Gulf South for a Green New Deal as an investment in an equitable, sustainable community garden in Jackson, MS. 

Garden design is under way as well as outreach to local neighbors. Local folks who wish to get involved can volunteer HERE.

Mississippi for a Green New Deal Priority Alignment

Organizing and implementing a functional, sustainable garden that equitably feeds our community aligns with the MS4GND priority “Land: Advance Food Sovereignty and Local Food Systems”. 

UPDATE 11/14/2022

The UUJXN x MRC volunteers walked the location in mid-October and discussed plans for garden beds and composting. Aton develop a ground plan in Miro where we can brainstorm and imagine collectively.

If a source of, or system for, clean water is found/implemented, that will also provide an opportunity for further development in line with the “Water: Ensure Access to Clean Water for All” priority. 

UPDATE 11/14/2022

An artesian water well has been identified on site at UUJXN. A new pump is necessary to restore function: an investment of $10K is needed to restore

Current Timeline Goals

Sept - Dec ‘22: Assess viability of water source on campus; develop itemized budget for garden with direction from local farmer Aton Bridges; collaboration between UUJXN, MRC, and interested community partners to develop plan for tending, sustaining, and sharing garden; source and purchase necessary items for garden development; conduct outreach 

Nov - Dec ’22: Soil Preparation, Testing

Jan - Feb ‘23: Build necessary garden infrastructure & permaculture design

Feb - April ‘23: Plant garden; organize space for cleaning and packing produce; finalize recipient list

May - July ‘23: Harvest and distribute summer produce

Aug - Sept ‘23: Gather feedback from participants for improvement of community garden program

Aug - Oct ‘23: Plant garden; update program systems according to feedback

Nov - Dec ‘23: Harvest and distribute fall produce